TD4M/300 – the double-sided printer

The double-sided model to print HTX-markers up- and downside at once

TD4M/300 -  Thermotransferdrucker

Because of two arranged print units the TD4M/300 prints on the front- and the back- side of the HTX-shrink tubemarkers in one run. At different width the print heads needn't new adjustments, because the materials in the device are performed centrally. Compared with the base model T4+/300, the mechanical feeding of the material was optimized, and the printing speed  for a better permanent marking reduced. 

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Printing resolution

300 dpi

Printing speed

30 mm/s to 125 mm/s

Printing width

105,6 mm


USB 2.0, serial RS232C, Ethernet 10/100 Base, periphal port and 2 x USB master for external control panel, keyboard, Scanner or service key


(H x D x B) 395,00 x 554,00 x 248,00 mm


21 kg

Material selection

paper, plastics like PE, PP, PVC, PA, PI, HTX-markers

Max. thickness

0,055 - 1,20 mm

Max. width

3,500 - 110,00 mm

Max. Height

5,000 - 1000,00 mm

TEXIT order-code​ DRU-TD4M/300

Notice: the determining factor is based on the actual datasheet