Perforation-Cutter for TX4-printermodels - PCU400

to perforate and / or cut HTX-endless markers


The PCU400 Perforation-Cutter device for the TX4 printer models gives you the great oppetunity to perforate and / or cut all HTX-endless-Heat-Shrinkble Markers in precise lenghts. The device allows you either to perforate or to cut or do both jobs in one, e.g. first perforate your markers and create at the end a batch-cut.

The TEXIT TX4-printers automatically detect the perforation knife when connected to the peripheral interface. Alignment and calibration such as perforation depth can then be configured directly on the label printer.




Use for

T4+/300 * T4+M/300 * TD4M/300

Material Width up to

85,0 mm

min. Perforation Length

2,0 mm

min. Cutting Length

5,0 mm

Passage Height

4,5 mm


TEXIT Ordercode: DRU-PCU4